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What Is - The Future Human Office?

The Future Human Office is a pioneering approach to workplace interiors that focuses specifically on the humans that work within our office environments.

Our unique and holistic model focuses on 10 distinct workplace interior protocols that together and individually deliver unparalleled levels of health, wellbeing and performance for employees and organisations alike.

Designed for companies of any size and with varying budgets - whether a new office fitout or an existing office retrofit – our unique and evidence based platform allows companies to select tailored workplace interior packages that are built around their specific needs and desired outcomes.

We’ve Done the Work For You.

Keeping up with the rapidly changing workplaces of today is complex and time consuming.

Future Human Office allows organisations to directly access the worlds leading and evidence based workplace wellbeing products and programs - bringing the workplace of tomorrow to the built office environments of today.

We have identified 10 key interior protocols – that when introduced into workplaces passively deliver improved levels of employee health, wellness and productivity.

Great for People. Great for Organisations.

By placing health and wellbeing at the forefront of the way we design, build and fitout our office environments – we ensure that we literally future proof your next office fitout and at the same time bring immediate wellbeing and productivity benefits to your working interiors.

Future Human Office is about intrinsically linking science, healthcare, technology and wellness with architecture and interior design to deliver ever improving levels of human sustainability in our office environments.

How Your Organisation Benefits.

The Future Human Office was created with a simple premise – to help organisations of any size and with any budget bring workplace wellbeing to the forefront of their office fitout.

Once the exclusive domain of only the largest corporate environments – Future Human Office makes employee health and wellness accessible to each and every company around Australia.

Quite simply - we show you how to get the maximum return on your interior fitout investment through measurable improvements in health, wellbeing and overall performance and productivity.

Workplace Wellness – The Statistics.

■ Australians spend over 90% of their time inside – and on average around 50 hours a week in the workplace.
■ 77% of the working day is spent sitting.
■ Sickness and absenteeism cost organisations an estimated $2700 per employee per year.
■ Presenteeism is estimated to result in 6 days of lost work per employee per year whilst workplace stress results in an average of 3 days lost work per employee per year.
■ Companies that engage wellness programs typically enjoy 2.5 times overall annual performance output.
■ Healthy employees are almost three times as productive as their unhealthiest colleagues.
■ Companies on average reap a $3 – $5 return on every dollar invested in wellness.

Future Human Office – Products.

■ Ergonomic Commercial Seating
■ Sit Stand Desking
■ Agile Working Ranges
■ Collaborative Furniture Ranges
■ Activity Based Working Ranges
■ Ergonomic Equipment
■ Acoustic Ranges
■ Human Centric Lighting
■ Air Purification Systems
■ Water Purification Units
■ Fatigue Management Ranges
■ Workplace Healthy Eating Ranges
■ Workplace Fitness Products
■ End Of Trip Facilities
■ Workplace Stress Reduction Ranges
■ Workspace Environmental Balance Products
■ Green Walls & Biophilia
■ Workplace Wellbeing Technologies

Who We Work With

■ Tenants
■ Landlords
■ Building Owners
■ Interior Designers
■ Architects
■ Property Managers
■ Property Developers

Who Is Behind the Future Human Office

The Future Human Office is a collaboration of Australia’s foremost workplace wellbeing and performance experts.

Our team has spent several years working with the leading minds in the fields of workplace wellness, health technologies, architecture, interior design, human sciences and healthcare to truly understand how our office interiors can enhance our health, wellness and performance.

This pioneering approach to the spaces we inhabit at work brings insights that we in turn make directly available to both our clients as well as our global manufacturing partners to continually improve our workplace wellbeing product selection.

Future Human Office - Advisory Board

Jo Wilson-Smith
Sit Back & Relax

Nigel Hobbs
Welnis Labs

Dr Samantha Hall
Rate My Space

Eminè Mehmet
Founder & CEO
Well Space

Melissa Webster

Future Human Office – Experience Centre.

Future Human Office – Experience Centre is a working showroom that allows clients the ability to directly interact with the worlds leading workplace wellbeing products and programs in a real working office environment.

In addition clients can experience the Future Human Office Lab - a working research laboratory showcasing real time monitoring of employee health and wellness technologies and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) elements and their effect on workplace health and performance. 


Experience the Future Human Office today at Sit Back & Relax:

Address: 33/112 McEvoy Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015
Phone: 1300 748 348
Hours: 9.00am – 5.30pm – Weekdays

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