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Upgrade your office with Sydney's leading suppliers of office furniture. Sit Back & Relax's design-oriented furniture is tailored for the modern workspace including workstations, tables, storage, and employee wellness options. Whether you seek individual items or complete office fit-outs, our nationwide delivery and installation service has you covered.

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Herman Miller Aeron Chair

$2,367.00 – $2,785.00
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Gregory Inca High Back Office Chair

$529.15 – $726.75

SitFit Medium Back Chair

$386.65 – $611.80
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SitFit Mesh Office Chair

$460.75 – $668.80
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SitFit High Back Office Chair

$396.15 – $687.80
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Offer Ends In:
Offer Ends In:

Aero Mesh Office Chair

$308.75 – $327.75
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Standfit Electric Standing Desk

$749.55 – $778.05

Fursys T50 Office Express Chair

$595.65 – $633.65

Inca Extra High Back Chair

$662.15 – $855.95
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Humanscale Liberty Mesh Chair

$1,059.25 – $1,292.00
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Bravo Boardroom Table

$470.25 – $902.50

Gregory Inca Drafting 200 Chair

$684.00 – $766.65
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Graphite Mesh Office Chair

$377.15 – $415.15
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Humanscale Freedom Chair Leather with Headrest

$2,090.00 – $2,722.70
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Lockable Cupboard


Office Furniture

In the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces, the role of office furniture extends beyond mere functionality; it plays a pivotal role in shaping workspaces that foster creativity, collaboration, and well-being. Our comprehensive collection of office furniture is available nationally, and in the past 25 years we have become Sydney's leading suppliers of commercial furniture. From our Sydney based head office we have delivered turnkey solutions to companies of all sizes, right across Australia, covering an array of categories, each meticulously curated to meet the diverse needs of contemporary businesses. From versatile workspaces to innovative acoustic solutions and stylish storage options, our offerings are designed to elevate your office environment.

Workspaces and Workstations: Create flexible and efficient work environments with our range of workspaces and workstations. Whether you prefer open-plan layouts or collaborative cubicles, our furniture solutions are tailored to optimise space utilisation while promoting seamless communication among team members. Ergonomically designed workstations ensure comfort throughout the workday, enhancing employee well-being and productivity.

Tables for Every Occasion: Our extensive table collection is designed to accommodate various office activities. From functional boardroom tables that facilitate strategic discussions to high tables for casual meetings, round tables for collaborative sessions, and cafe tables for informal gatherings, we have your diverse needs covered. Our training and flip tables provide adaptability for dynamic spaces, while coffee and side tables offer stylish additions to break areas and lounge spaces.

Wellbeing Solutions: Prioritise the well-being of your employees with our carefully curated wellbeing solutions. Virtual skylights and windows bring a touch of nature to your office, enhancing mood and reducing stress. Air purifiers and sanitising products contribute to a hygienic environment, ensuring the health and safety of your workforce. Explore fatigue management solutions, green wall systems, and desk lighting to create a holistic approach to employee well-being.

Acoustic Excellence: Enhance the acoustics of your office with our selection of acoustic screens and panels. Designed to reduce noise and distractions, these solutions contribute to a quieter and more focused work environment. Strike the right balance between collaboration and concentration, creating spaces that cater to diverse work styles.

Storage Solutions: Efficient storage is fundamental to an organised office. Our storage options cover lockers, bookcases, cupboards, mobile pedestals, tambours, and mobile caddies. Whether you need secure personal storage or space-saving solutions for shared resources, our collection ensures that your office remains clutter-free and well-organised.

Outdoor Spaces: Extend your workspace to the outdoors with our outdoor table options. Create inviting areas for meetings, lunches, or casual discussions in the fresh air. Our outdoor tables are designed to withstand the elements while providing a stylish and functional extension of your office environment.

Our diverse range of office furniture goes beyond the conventional, offering a holistic approach to designing modern workspaces. From enhancing well-being to optimising functionality, our collection is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the contemporary workplace. Transform your office into a hub of productivity and creativity with our thoughtfully curated office furniture collection where style meets functionality, and comfort meets efficiency.

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