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Kolum Standing Meeting Table

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Kolum Boardroom Table

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Kolum Round Meeting Table

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GEN-X Bench Table

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GEN-Y Bench Table

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Diva Standing Table

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AXIS Bar Leaner Table

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High Tables

At Sit back and Relax, we believe in promoting an active and collaborative work environment. That's why we offer a range of high and standing tables designed to encourage team members to stand and engage in productive discussions, stand-up meetings, and informal catch-ups. These tables are perfect for spaces where you need to think on your feet and promote a healthier and more interactive work culture. Mix up your traditional desks with standing options to enhance overall wellbeing and create versatile spaces for meetings, breakout areas, and bar or cafe settings.

Our high and standing tables are thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic standing experience. Standing for short periods throughout the day can improve blood circulation, increase energy levels, and stimulate creativity. Our tables are set at an optimal height for standing, allowing team members to maintain a natural posture and engage in active conversations. By incorporating standing tables into your workspace, you can create an environment that fosters collaboration, enhances communication, and boosts overall productivity.

Team members often find that standing tables are ideal for stand-up meetings. These types of meetings promote efficient and focused discussions, allowing participants to share ideas, make decisions, and solve problems more effectively. Standing during meetings encourages active participation, stimulates engagement, and reduces the tendency to get too comfortable or distracted. Experience the benefits of stand-up meetings by incorporating high and standing tables into your meeting spaces, creating a dynamic and interactive environment that inspires creativity and productivity.

Informal catch-ups and brainstorming sessions can also benefit from the use of high and standing tables. These tables provide a casual and inviting atmosphere where team members can gather, exchange ideas, and collaborate in a more relaxed setting. By standing, team members feel more energized and mentally alert, leading to more spontaneous and innovative discussions. Create breakout areas or bar and cafe spaces with our high and standing tables to foster a collaborative culture where creativity can flourish.

We understand the importance of employee wellbeing, and that sitting for long periods can have negative effects on health. By introducing high and standing tables into your workspace, you can provide team members with an alternative to sitting all day. Standing periodically throughout the day promotes better circulation, improves posture, and reduces the risk of sedentary-related health issues. Offering standing options demonstrates your commitment to employee wellbeing and creates a healthier work environment that supports overall physical and mental health.

Our high and standing tables are available in various sizes, styles, and finishes to suit different workspace aesthetics and functional needs. Whether you prefer sleek and modern designs, rustic and natural materials, or classic and timeless styles, we have options that can complement your existing decor and enhance the overall ambiance of your workspace. From adjustable height standing tables to fixed high tables, our range offers versatility to meet your specific requirements and preferences.

Integrating high and standing tables into your workspace is a simple and effective way to promote a more active and collaborative work culture. By offering team members the option to stand, you create a dynamic and versatile workspace that encourages movement, engagement, and creative thinking. Mix up your traditional desks with standing options to provide a variety of work settings and accommodate different work styles. Our high and standing tables are perfect for meeting spaces, breakout areas, and bar or cafe settings, allowing team members to connect, collaborate, and think on their feet.

Enhance collaboration, wellbeing, and productivity in your workspace with our high and standing tables. Browse our collection and discover the perfect options to create a more dynamic and interactive work environment. Promote active discussions, foster creativity, and prioritize employee wellbeing with our exceptional high and standing tables. Elevate your workspace and empower your team to stand, engage, and excel in their work

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