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Cloud Lounge

$693.50 – $1,710.00

Countess Lounge Chair

$1,061.15 – $1,517.15

Delphi Lounge chair

$1,564.65 – $1,802.15

Dropp Home Lounge Chair

$1,382.25 – $2,247.70

Dropp Lounge Chair

$1,482.00 – $4,361.45

FURSYS CS7500 Lounge Chair

$760.00 – $1,420.25

Shelby Lounge Armchair

$1,995.00 – $2,707.50

Highway Low Lounge Chair

$1,018.40 – $1,665.35

Iris Lounge Chair


Koo Lounge Chair

$609.90 – $1,302.45

Koosh Lounge Chair

$1,027.90 – $2,070.05

Malibu Lounge Chair

$1,140.00 – $1,356.60

Paris Lounge Chair

$2,040.60 – $2,147.48

Plexa Lounge Chair


Pacific Lounge Chair


Sky Lounge Chair


Florence Lounge Chair


Florida Armchair

$346.75 – $375.25

Fursys Stone Lounge Chair


Chill Lounge Chair

$1,040.25 – $2,013.05

Annette Visitor Chair

$972.80 – $1,024.10

Aquila One High Back Lounge

$1,567.50 – $1,852.50

Lounge Chairs

Indulge in relaxation and style with our range of sofas and lounge chairs. Designed to create inviting and comfortable spaces, our lounges and tub chairs offer the perfect combination of aesthetics, comfort, and functionality.

Lounges and tub chairs are specifically crafted to provide a cozy and relaxed seating experience. With their plush cushioning, ergonomic contours, and supportive backrests, these seating options envelop you in comfort, allowing you to unwind and recharge. Whether it's a casual lounge area or a reception space, our lounges and tub chairs provide an inviting spot for relaxation or socializing.

Our lounges and tub chairs go beyond comfort by offering a touch of sophistication and style to your space. With a range of designs, materials, and finishes available, you can choose options that seamlessly blend with your existing decor and enhance the overall ambiance of your space. From sleek and modern designs to more classic or eclectic styles, our lounges and tub chairs offer versatility to suit any aesthetic.

Functionality is a key feature of our lounges and tub chairs. They are designed with durability and practicality in mind, making them suitable for high-traffic areas. The materials used are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring they retain their visual appeal over time. Additionally, their compact and space-efficient designs make them ideal for various settings, whether it's a small lounge corner or a larger reception area.

Investing in our sofas or lounge chairs creates an atmosphere of comfort and sophistication. By providing inviting and stylish seating options, you enhance the overall experience of your guests or visitors. These chairs make a lasting impression and create a sense of warmth and hospitality.

Transform your space into a haven of relaxation and style with our sofas and lounge chairs. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, aesthetics, and functionality. Create an environment that invites conversation, relaxation, and connection. Invest in lounges and tub chairs that elevate the ambiance of your space and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

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