What if every day of work was actually shaving hours off of your life?

Most of us spend our time behind a desk for most of the day. And poor furniture design and computer placement in the workplace may be causing irreparable harm that it's impossible to see coming!

Don't worry, though. Ergonomics in the workplace can make you happier and healthier in the workplace. Here are ten reasons why!

1. Ergonomics Helps With Obesity

One big danger of a desk job is that it is sedentary. Too much time sitting down makes it very easy for the pounds to start adding up.

However, things like ergonomic standing desks can help with obesity. Instead of spending all that time sitting down, you'll be able to burn calories while you burn away the hours at work.

The only downside is that you'll never want to go back to your old desk again.

2. Reduced Costs

From an employer standpoint, ergonomics might seem like a costly investment. Why spend the cash to upgrade the entire office when you don't have to?

As it turns out, though, ergonomics in the workplace will ultimately save employers money. It all comes down to issues regarding muscular skeletal disorders (MSDs).

Research has shown that about one-third of workers' compensation claims can be traced back to MSD issues. And if any lawsuit is involved, it will cost the employers even more.

However, ergonomic design can help prevent these MSD problems. And so for a relatively low cost, employers can reduce their legal vulnerability while keeping their employees happy and productive.

3. Better Blood Sugar

Another big danger of a desk job is the buildup of insulin. Our blood sugar shoots up as we sit down, especially after we eat lunch at the desk.

However, ergonomic furniture such as standing desks can quite literally reverse these effects. This is because standing up allows your body to process glucose more efficiently.

Even if you only use your standing desk for a few hours after lunch, it will make a world of difference in your blood sugar. This can help promote your overall health, all in a day's work!

4. Enhanced Productivity

Employers have to worry about a lot of things when it comes to their employees. However, at the top of that list is one word: productivity.

The more productive the employees are, the more work they can do. And this helps boost the bottom line of the company in a powerful way.

However, traditional workplace design can hurt productivity. This is because it leads to poor posture and painful positions that keep employees from concentrating on their work.

Don't worry, though; good ergonomic design can fix all of this. And once employees aren't dealing with bad postures and constant pain, they will be more productive than ever before.

5. Lower Cancer Risk

Cancer is one of the scariest illnesses because it's tough to pinpoint the exact cause of it. And while scientists are still exploring the extent of the link, sitting down for long periods of time has been linked to a greater risk of cancer.

Once again, a standing desk may be the ergonomic answer to your prayers. This is because standing up reduces the number of free radicals released into your body, reducing the odds of cancer.

Just think: a good ergonomic desk setup may be able to save your life, meaning that it is very much worth the investment.

6. Better Quality Work

Earlier, we addressed the idea of employee productivity. However, productivity means nothing if the employees are not producing quality work that the employer can be proud of.

However, bad workplace desk setups end up hurting the quality of employees' work. This is because employees who are dealing with pain and fatigue will not be able to concentrate on their work.

An ergonomic office setup ultimately improves employee productivity as well as the quality of their work.

7. Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

One of the biggest causes of death in the United States is heart disease. And part of why it is so prevalent is that sitting down increases the risks of heart disease.

However, standing desks (or alternatives like sit stand seats) and other ergonomic designs can help get you up and onto your feet. You can reduce your risk of heart disease, all by making this one small change.

8. More Engaged Employees

Employee engagement is a major factor in a company's success. Whether with each other or with customers, engaged employees are more likely to successfully meet various company goals.

As we said earlier, non-ergonomic design causes factors such as pain and fatigue that keep employees from doing their best. And when they are hurt, falling asleep, and racing to catch up, they won't feel engaged.

Ergonomic design in the workplace can help to prevent and even heal the pain, all while enhancing employee engagement.

9. Better Posture

A desk job is practically designed to create bad posture. Poor chair design combines with desk and monitor placement that force you to crane your neck in an uncomfortable way.

All of this adds up to poor posture. And employees with poor posture will turn in poor quality work and eventually have to miss work altogether.

Ergonomic design improves posture. And in this way, it improves the entire workplace!

10. Reduced Back and Neck Pain

We saved the best for last. Then again, this is one you're likely to know all about.

A standard desk job can increase pain in your back and neck. This grinds productivity to a halt and creates terrible pain that you'll take home with you.

However, ergonomic design in the workplace helps to prevent and reduce this kind of pain in your neck and back. Heck, even standing for one extra hour per day can significantly reduce your pain!

Ergonomics in the Workplace: The Bottom Line

Now you know how important ergonomics in the workplace can be. But do you know where to find the furniture you need?

At Sit Back and Relax, we are the final authority when it comes to ergonomic furniture for the workplace. To see what a difference we can make, arrange a trial today!