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How To Set Up An Ergonomic Workstation

Following is a transcription of the video for those unable to view video content due to network restrictions.

Welcome to SBR TV. Today we are looking at how to adjust your workstation

Begin by adjusting your chair to the correct height. Feet should be flat on the floor, with the knee angle at 90 degrees or just over. If your desk is high, and your feet do not touch the floor, you may require a footrest.

With your feet flat on the floor or footrest, your elbows should be just above the level of the desk and at 90 degrees or just over at the elbow joint

If your desk is height adjustable, with your feet flat on the floor and knees at 90 degrees or just over, adjust the desk height to obtain an elbow angle of 90 degrees or just over with the elbow above the desk.

Once chair height is correct for the desk, adjust chair back tilt to the desired angle. An optimum ergonomic position is upright with the ears, shoulders and hips in a vertical line.

Chair seat tilt can be adjusted for comfort backwards, flat or slightly forwards to reduce pressure on the front of the thigh. Most people find a flat seat position to be comfortable.

Finally adjust chair back or lumbar support to a comfortable height. The curve of the chair should support your lumbar curve or lower back. When sitting you should be positioned in close to the desk with an arm length to the monitor positioning.

Allowing for different levels of eyesight, the monitor should be adjusted so your eyes are level with the top 3rd of the screen. Your head should stay level when looking at the screen without tilting forward or back. Your keyboard and mouse should be positioned nice and close. Any items that are constantly used should be kept within an easy reaching distance


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