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Select the best ergonomic mouse for your individual needs using the SBR Ergonomic Mouse table below.


Wrist Position
Which is the most comfortable position for you? If you experience pain when using a mouse, or suffer from Repetitive strain injury (RSI) - certain hand positions will be more comfortable for you than others. For example a vertical mouse will hold your hand in the ‘handshake position’ which most people find most natural. Alternatively if you prefer to keep your hands at your keyboard (ie if you switch between typing and mousing frequently) then a barmouse may be the best option for you.

Not everyone’s hands are the same size, so mice shouldn’t be either. Choose an ergonomic mouse size suited to you. The OrthoMouse has snap on adapters to customise the fit to your hand size and the the Switch Mouse is also adjustable in size.

Traditional mice can require you to grip them firmly in order to move them around. If this causes discomfort or pain for you, choose an ergonomic mouse that requires minimal grip such as the Oyster Mouse, 3M Ergo Mouse or the OrthoMouse. Bar mice do not require grip either.

Arm Movement 
If you struggle with arm movement, consider either a bar mouse or a trackball mouse. These leave your arm in a single set position and work the fingers instead.

Left or Right:
Many of our ergonomic mice come in Left / Right handed options and some are ambidextrous, meaning you can swap between hands giving them a rest if necessary.


Evoluent Vertical Mouse

The Evoluent Mouse has a patented new shape that will support your hand in a relaxed handshake position, eliminating the arm twisting required by ordinary mice. It is a major advance in mouse evolution!


Evoluent Small Mouse

The shape is thoughtfully sculpted for uncompromised comfort and easy-to-reach programmable buttons. No finger contortions are needed to operate the buttons


EZ Vertical Mouse

The EZ Vertical mouse turns mousing on its side. Perfect for those who find the 'handshake position' more comfortable than the standard mouse position.



Bar Mouse

Working in front of, and close to your body, Barmouse keeps your hands in the most optimal work zone. Barmouse allows your hands and fingers to stay on the keys, preventing awkward and uncomfortable reaching for the mouse.


RollerMouse Pro2

Its optical input roller spins and slides on a horizontal shaft for easy mouse pointer movement. Pressing the roller acts like the left mouse button. Wider roller and larger, easier to click buttons make the Pro the best choice for safer, high speed mousing.


RollerMouse Free2

Less physical strain and improved precision help you work more efficiently. Using both hands helps avoid discomfort and prevent pain by varying your position. Everything you need placed right in front of you.


Nomus Navigator

Unbeatable combination of science, ergonomics and engineering the NomusNavigatorTM represents the latest in ergonomic science, the latest in technological science and the most up-to-date industrial design.



3M Ergonomic Mouse

Discover a mouse that helps reduce muscle strain while keeping your arms and shoulders in a more relaxed position.


Switch Mouse by Humanscale

The Switch Mouse is an innovative mousing solution that boosts comfort and reduces the risk of injury. This groundbreaking peripheral device integrates two major innovations


Oyster Mouse

Oyster mouse protects you against a range of upper limb conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury (RSI). It's unique design allows use in 5 different angled positions suiting each individual.



The unique shape and form of the OrthoMouse obligate the hand to work and rest in the "Position of Function", the only position where the fingers, hand, wrist and forearm exist in complete equilibrium.



Logitech Trackman Wheel

Discover a mouse that helps reduce muscle strain while keeping your arms and shoulders in a more relaxed position.


Kensington Orbit Scroll Ring Trackball Mouse

The comfort of a mouse and the fingertip control of a trackball. The smaller size & lower profile make the orbit trackball the most suitable trackball for people with smaller hands.


Logitech Performance Mouse M950

A trackball design with a long, broad palm area and gentle curves keeps your hand comfortable and supported all day—whether you use your right or left hand.



Logitech Performance Mouse M950

Laser tracking that works on virtually any surface and a tiny, leave-in wireless receiver put the power to achieve in your hand.


Logitech Bluetooth Mouse M555b

Hyper-fast scrolling and laser precision in a mouse that's ready to do business with your Bluetooth® - enabled laptop.


Logitech Mouse M115 Wired

Plug-and-play simplicity and a compact design make this optical mouse your perfect travel companion.


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