Do You Need a New Aeron Chair? Comparing the New and Classic Styles

You already know that the Aeron chair is easily the best selling office chair of all time - heck, that's why you have your own posted up in your office. It's remained a staple in many workspaces, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Such a great chair has no need to be upgraded, right? Apparently, that's not what Herman Miller thought. In fact, the classic design has ceased to be produced to make room for a new edition. 

However, is this new Aeron chair actually any better than the original? We did a little digging to find out - and you may be surprised by what you learn. 

Here's What's Different in the New Aeron Chair

When it comes to the new Aeron seat, it's the little things that make all the difference. Read on to find out more.

The Design Is More Eye-Catching (But Not Too Much)

The first thing that anyone notices about an office chair is the aesthetics. The classic Aeron chair was definitely a beautiful piece of equipment to add to the office, and the new chair pays homage to the original.

One of the biggest selling points of the original chair was its smooth granite color and intuitive design. Many people bought the classic because it fit well within any office environment.

The idea hasn't changed much, as the company was looking to attract the same buyers to its Remastered chair. However, there are two slight changes to the design. 

First, the color has been changed. It's still called "granite," but the actual color is more grey than the classic, which looks closer to black in comparison. The company says that this new color is much closer to what granite is.

Second, the net material that runs across the back and bottom of the chair is brighter, making it more inviting than the darker ones on the classic. 

Overall, it's still a chair that's able to go with any office style while still having its own unique flavor.

The Membrane Provides Improved Breathability

The Aeron seat has always been one of the most breathable chairs thanks to its incredible Pellicle membrane, which allowed users to actually relax in the chair without trapping body heat at their back.

The redesign has the same thing, but better. The new chair features a more integrated pattern that allows a thinner membrane and yet still offers the same amount of back support.

The thinner membrane was a result of cutting the number of materials used in the chair, but it goes to show you that a little can definitely go a long way.

The Chair Is More Ergonomic

The quality of the back support is important when buying a chair. You may have thought that the classic Aeron chair was the most ergonomic you could get, but the new chair will have you thinking otherwise.

The remastered Aeron chair still has the same Lumbar Pad that made the classic so famous, but it also adds in a new piece called the Renewed PostureFit SL - and it works every bit as awesome as it sounds. 

The PostureFit SL supports both your upper and lower back by targeting the sacrum and the lordosis (hence the "SL"), giving you not only the most ergonomic chair but also the one that promotes the healthiest seating.

Same Strength with Less Weight

The classic Aeron chair has been known to hold an impressive amount of weight despite its size, and the new Aeron seat does equally as well.

The classic Aeron weighed an average of 23kg (around 51 pounds) and could hold an average of 139kg (around 306 pounds) of body weight.

The new Aeron can hold the same amount of weight, yet it only weighs 22 kg (around 49 pounds). This allows for a chair to be lighter and easier to move around the room.

The fact that fewer materials can be used in the chair and yet the same result can be achieved shows that when it comes to ingenuity and design, Herman Miller definitely has those sections covered. 

Easier to Adjust, and with More Options

One of the most beautiful things about the classic Aeron chair was that it made it so easy to customize how you sat. That customization just hit the upgrade. 

The classic chair already comes with more customizable features than many office chairs have today, and the New Aeron seat made it possible to do even more. Each section of the chair gives you a chance to add your own personal settings. 

The Remastered edition lets you individually adjust the height, the tilt, the tilt tension, and the armrest height and rest angle, and they're easier to adjust than its predecessor.

The Arm Rests Have Never Been Better

Armrests are easily one of the most important things of an office chair. It's a good thing that Herman Miller thought that same way.

The armrests on the new Herman Aeron have shown that the company has outdone themselves by going above and beyond. 

On the classic Aeron chair, the armrests could be swiveled up an down, and they could also be moved to the left or the right by up to 17 degrees. The Aeron Remastered version capitalizes on this by allowing the arms more movement. 

The design of the armrests is also quite different, with the rests being more filling than the classic version. It also helps that they can be purchased in both vinyl and leather, allowing you to pick your preferred choice of material.

Where to Go for All of Your Office Needs

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