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The world renowned best selling Aeron chair by Herman Miller barely needs an introduction. In a class of its own in terms of style, support and comfort. The lead time on this chair is approximately 14 weeks. Please note we now have the - Aeron Chair Remastered - which has much shorter lead time!

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    Aeron is like no other chair. Anywhere.

    Built to perform, Aeron comes in 3 sizes and adjusts naturally to precisely fit people of all sizes and postures.

    It’s unique Pellicle suspension material confirms to the body, distributes weight evenly and allows air to flow through making it the ultimate in comfort & suport.

    Aeron uses renewable and sustainable raw materials with long life durability, easily replacable parts and even when it finally retires, can be disassembled for effective recycling.



    Aeron...simply superb comfort. The Aeron Posture Fit, an ergonomic breakthrough in custom-fitted support, promotes healthier posture and superior seating comfort. Aeron Posture Fit delivers support where it's needed most: in the lower back area below the beltline, where the spine meets the pelvis and has been developed with the use of technology from the Aerospace and Motorsport industries and Medical Research findings.

    Aeron's Pellicle Mesh seat and backrest was designed using pressure mapping and thermal testing to ensure maximum comfort, improve pressure relieve qualities and body heat reduction to make sitting for longer easier.

    Widely copied but never matched, Aeron's imaginative design gives superior comfort and body support all day long.


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    Addition by Subtraction

    The Designers, Stumpf and Chadwick, decided to leave off the cushions because they realized their specially woven seat-and-back suspension material did a better job on its own. Called Pellicle®, it changed the look and function of work chairs. When you sit, the patented Pellicle naturally conforms to your contours and aerates your body for day-long comfort. Resilient, the weave regains its original form when you stand. Herman Miller validated their inventiveness with exhaustive testing and research—for example, pressure mapping to ensure the Pellicle properly distributes weight and eliminates pressure points.



    Comfort Without Even Trying

    Next invention: the patented Kinemat® tilt, a mechanism that lets your body pivot naturally at the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and neck. As you move forward or recline, the tilt activates your natural biomechanics. It’s almost effortless. You stay balanced and in control throughout the generous 30-degree recline range. Combined with the chair’s easy adjustments, the tilt gives healthful, comfortable support for a full range of postures, for all kinds of work.



    We've Got Your Back

    Aeron never just sits still. We’re always working to take advantage of the latest research and technology to enhance its performance. Case in point, PostureFit®, the innovative, patented, adjustable lower-back support system that sustains a healthful posture and enhances comfort throughout the day. It does so by filling the void between the base of the backrest and your lower back to keep your spine properly aligned.



    No Better Fit

    The way Stumpf and Chadwick saw it, three sizes are better than one. With its A, B, and C models, Aeron provides an optimal fit for a broader diversity of sizes and shapes than any other work chair—from the 1st percentile female to the 99th percentile male. Plus, the stretch of the Pellicle and range of tilt tension are calibrated to user weights and size ranges for each chair size.



    Respecting the Environment

    The entire Aeron family—work chairs, work stools, and side chairs—uses renewable and sustainable raw materials; all are durable for a long life. Components are easily removed and replaced, further extending Aeron’s life span. And, when it’s finally time to retire, Aeron is easy to disassemble, which is crucial for effective recycling.



    This chart below considers your height and weight so that your Aeron Chair gives the right support to your body height and mass. The Aeron Chair is available in three different sizes A, B, and C.

    Aeron Chair



    Size A:

    • 655mm Chair Width including Arms
    • Height 1040mm (max) Chair Height
    • 480mm Seat Width
    • 400mm Seat Depth
    • 405 - 520mm Seat Height

    Size B:

    • 685mm Chair Width including Arms
    • 1065mm Chair Height (max)
    • 515mm Seat Width
    • 430mm Seat Depth
    • 405 - 520mm Seat Height

    Size C:

    • 720mm Chair Width including Arms
    • 1140mm Chair Height (max)
    • 545mm Seat Width
    • 470mm Seat Depth
    • 405 - 520mm Seat Height



    Frame & Base

    Aeron Chair

    Classic Graphite Base and Frame
    Original Graphite base and frame provide an unassuming backdrop for a range of Pellicle colors.


    Aeron Chair

    Graphite Frame with Polished Aluminium Base
    New Polished Aluminum base pairs with the original Graphite frame finish for an elegant appearance.


    Aeron Chair

    Titanium Frame and Base
    The New base finish called Titanium has a subtle two-tone effect that mimics metal and teams with the new Smoke frame finish.


    Pellicle Material Designs:

    Aeron is the only chair with Pellicle® suspension, a unique material that conforms to the body and distributes weight evenly over the seat and back for truly customized support. Air circulates through the Pellicle, keeping the sitter comfortable by preventing body heat build-up. Each of the available Pellicle patterns delivers the same unique level of customfitted support and breathability.You can choose from the Pellicle Classic, Pellicle Waves or Pellicle Tuxedo as shown below.

    Aeron Chair

    Pellicle Classic
    The vertical pinstripes of the Aeron chair’s Pellicle Classic suspension material are a distinctive design element.

    Aeron Chair

    Pellicle Waves
    Widely spaced horizontal lines that curve gracefully across the seat and back.

    Pellicle Tuxedo
    Long narrow triangular shapes for a subtle bowtie reference and dramatic appearance.



    What if I realise I've picked the wrong size after it arrives?
    Sit Back & Relax offers a 7 day size swap service so if for any reason your chair arrives and you are not completely happy with the size we can arrange a swap for you.

    What are the terms of the warranty?
    The Aeron Chair also comes with a 12 year, 3-Shift conditional manufacturers warranty. 3-Shift Warranties mean that they are covered for use 24 hours a day in an office environment.

    Do you offer a money back guarantee?
    Sit Back & Relax offers a 30 day full refund policy if for any reason you are not completely happy with your chair. (* Limited to single chair purchases. Excludes shipping costs).

    Does the chair come fully assembled?
    Yes - The Aeron chair will arrive with you boxed and fully assembled.

    How do I adjust the chair to suit me?
    Every chair ships with an instruction manual. You can also view our Aeron Chair operational video over on SBR TV for a full demonstration of the chairs features and functions.

    How long will delivery take?
    Aerons are almost always in stock however at times of increased demand lead times may vary slightly from 1 – 4 weeks. ALL NON STANDARD CHAIRS (anything other than black base, graphite colour) require 10-12 weeks for delivery.

    Can I come and sit in a chair before I buy?
    Yes. If you would rather try an Aeron before you buy it, feel free to come and visit us.
    The Sit Back & Relax SHOWROOM is located at:
    33/112 McEvoy St, Alexandria NSW 2015.
    Opening Hours are Mon- Friday 9.30am-5.00pm

    I am shopping on behalf of a company, do you offer bulk discounts?
    Yes. For corporate and large orders we do custom quotes and contract pricing. Please contact a Sit Back & Relax Corporate Ergonomic Seating Specialist for further information.

  • ModelSKU00004
    Key Features
    • The famous Herman Miller Aeron Chair
    • Our price includes arms, and the Herman Miller PostureFit System
    • 1 Year money back guarantee, 12 Year warranty
    • Comes in 3 sizes for the perfect fit

    Size A:
    655mm Chair Width including Arms
    Height 1040mm (max) Chair Height
    480mm Seat Width
    400mm Seat Depth
    405 - 520mm Seat Height

    Size B:
    685mm Chair Width including Arms
    1065mm Chair Height (max)
    515mm Seat Width
    430mm Seat Depth
    405 - 520mm Seat Height

    Size C:
    720mm Chair Width including Arms
    1140mm Chair Height (max)
    545mm Seat Width
    470mm Seat Depth
    405 - 520mm Seat Height

    Manufacturers Warranty12 Years
    Weight Loading135
    Available for trialYes
    Demonstration VideoClick here to view
    Downloadable BrochureClick here to download
    Tagsaeron, herman miller, aeron chair
    Multiple seat sizes availableYes