Zody Chair by Haworth

Meet Zody, the high performance task chair that blends science based wellness and comfort, international design, and best in class sustainability. 

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  • Description
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  • The Science Stuff

    Zody is the only chair to have PAL™, a patent pending user selected asymmetrical lumbar support system and a passive pelvic support. The back support system was developed with the help of the Human Performance Institute at Western Michigan University. As a result of this research, Zody earned the first ever task chair endorsement by the American Physical Therapy association.

    The Design Stuff

    Zody was designed by ITO design in Germany. The design is crisp and clean. Haworth only uses premium materials such as cast aluminum and glass reinforced nylon. Zody is designed with a variety of visual options to create the right chair for your environment.

    The Ergonomic Stuff

    Back and Lumbar Support

    The combination of the frame flex, mesh construction, lumbar pad, lumbar pad spring suspension and asymmetrical adjustment and pelvic support make up the 'PAL™' systems unsurpassed ability to provide comfortable ergonomic support for a broad range of users.

    Zody's tension adjustment is a crank located halfway back on the right side of the seat pan. Adjusting the tension control regulates the amount of resistance a user feels when leaning back in the chair and the effort required to recline the chair backwards. Forward (clockwise) rotation increases the tension and backward (counterclockwise) rotation decreases the tension. Zody's tension can be adjusted to accommodate users of different body types and sizes and for different work styles.

    Torsional Movement Zody was designed to havepassive torsional flex in the upper back. This means the backrest follows the user as it moves, increasing mobility and comfort when reaching sideways for objects.

    The Environmental Story
    Zody has been evaluated for her human health, environmental health, lifecycle attributes, renewable energy, water stewardship, and social responsibility characteristics against stringent certification criteria and is considered an ecologically intelligent product.

    Zody is the first task chair certified as a Cradle to CradleTM Gold product by MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, LLC). Chair materials, designed to maximize human and ecological health, contain up to 50% recycled content. Zody assembly energy is offset with green-e certified wind energy certificates.

    This product is GECA & AFRDI certified