Zgonic Single Monitor Arm

Zgo a single monitor arm designed to help users achieve their desired posture whilst seated.

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  • Description
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  • The Zgo monitor arm features an easy spring-assisted height adjustment of the screen that combines with its three particularization points- base, below and display mount. This allows the user to lift, reposition, swivel and tilt the monitor easily to any desired orientation.

    The Zgo monitor arm is multi-directional monitor arm solution that helps users achieve a better sitting posture by allowing them to make easy adjustments to the height and depth of the screen while they remain seated comfortably in a neutral position. 

    Key Features:

    - Unique spring technology that counterbalances the weight of monitor for effortless adjustment from the comfort of your seat.

    - Spring tension indicator gauge to easily adjust the tension of the monitor arm when installing.

    - Tool less adjustment and set up with no extra tools required.

    - Strong structural support, weight loading of  11kg

    - Highly flexible arm with simple height and depth adjustments are easily achieved by its tilt, swivel and pivot features.

    - Quick release mount to facilitate easy interchange of monitors

    - Smooth tilt adjustment with a unique four bar mechanism to provide a smooth friction-less tilt.

    - Quick and effortless desk attachment via two piece interlocking desk clamp

    - Cable Management to cleverly conceal the monitor cables within the upper and lower arm

    - Body Colour: Silver, White or Black with 6 side arm panel colour options