Why Mesh Chair

An European designed ergonomic mesh office chair with a modern style without comprising the comfort and durability 

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  • Why is an ergonomically designed task chair with distinctive, contemporary style. Whys back is formed from high performance polymer that adjusters ti the users movement.

    The unique contoured height adjustable backrest ensures pelvic and lumbar support with the perforated back aiding in ventilation.

    Why has been designed to minimize the number of materials and components used in construction and is 98 % recyclable. Why ensures a long life span - 10 year warranty - and has been designed for easy disassembly and material separation for recycling.


    - Synchronized mechanism

    - Height adjustable backrest

    - integrated seat slide

    - one seat size only; 500mm W x 500mm D

    - 10 year warranty with a 135 kg weight loading

    - Optional height/width adjustable armrest

    - Chelsea fabric is 100 % wool.