TableAir Smart Button

TableAir Smart Button designed to work with a Linak powered desk
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  • New workplaces are no longer designed with 1 workspace per employee in mind – nowadays ratios are more likely to vary from 8 workspaces for 10 employees, to 6 workspaces for 10 employees, especially in big cities where real estate cost is a significant part of organizations spending.

    TableAir has developed a solution that integrates workspaces (furniture, meeting rooms and collaborative spaces) into a single workplace operating system (IoT Sensors, Cloud Software and a dedicated Mobile App). The aim of our fully integrated solution is to increase employee engagement with their workplace environment.

    By connecting employees mobile devices to furniture sensors, employees and managers can access and manage their physical working environment from wherever they are, at any time of the day.

    TableAir – Smart Button

    Looking for a next level all-in-one solution to help your team make the most of their Sit- Stand desks? Why not invest in a TableAir smart furniture solution that comes ready to fit to any Linak height adjustable desk system. When retro-fitted to your desk you will be able you take full advantage of TableAir’s unique features.

    Key Features of this option:

    • Seamless adjustment from sitting to standing

    • Instant bespoke desk positioning

    • Easily find the ideal ergonomic fit for healthy and comfortable working

    • TableAir Cloud Booking

    • Table usage analytics

    • Bluetooth connectivity for check-in

    • WiFi connectivity for sending data to the cloud

    • Simply activate the sensor place your hand above it and it will sense the distance to the hand.

    Why just hot desk when you can smart desk? Give your staff what they want;

    - More flexibility
    - Tailored desk settings for extra comfort with sit-stand desking
    - More freedom to plan where and when to work

    Hot Desk vs Smart Desk:

    - Locate active colleagues wherever they are.
    - Find the right space for your task.
    - Check-in to your desk in one click.
    - Change of plans? No problem. Your booking will automatically be released

    Standing program

    TableAir has a unique connection with sit-stand desks. Our bodies are meant to move and sitting all day is the new smoking. Companies buy their employees standing desks, but reality is that 80% of desks are not being used as they're meant to.

    Combining TableAir booking system, our sensors and a sit-stand desks allows unique and engaging user experience. All users can set their default siting and standing heights that will be remembered no matter where user is working.

    Gentle reminders - the app will remind you when it's time to change between the siting and standing positions. If workspace has a compatible sensor attached to it, user simply triggers switch via app and desk raises automatically.

    Easy setup - no difficult setting required, set your preferred heights and select how familiar you're with working while standing. The app will take care of the rest!

    Call a TableAir expert on 1300 748 348 to discuss how you can implement the TableAir System into your existing or new fit out.