SitFit Business

Step 1

Register your company details and we will email you a unique and confidential company user ID as well as a direct link to the SitFit – Business webpage. Simply forward that email to your staff and they will be prompted to complete a 3 step SitFit - Business survey that takes less than 2 minutes. When complete they simply press send and their unique chair recommendation is recorded.


Step 2

We collate all the sizing information and chair recommendations and email this to you in an easy to understand summary. The summary includes the names and chair recommendations of every staff member who completed the SitFit - Business survey as well as pricing and volume discounts automatically applied. You can amend any of the recommendations with the click of a button or simply press order to have the chairs dispatched to you within days - anywhere in Australia. You can also email us a purchase order or call us to place the order over the phone.


Step 3

We deliver all the chairs direct to your offices with clear user instructions attached as well as online videos showing your team how to set up and get the most from their SitFit range of chairs. If for any reason you need to change the sizes of chairs in the first 30 days we will swap the chairs for free.*