Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

Beautiful design, healthy support and exceptional value, Sayl delivers all 3 and all for an affordable price. Smart and innovative engineering transform simple materials into an ergonomic and aesthetic masterpiece that provides spinal support. 

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In stock - Black combination with Arms 

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  • Herman Millers work with Yves Béhar achieved a breakthrough in seating technology. Support is molded directly into the 3D Intelligent back material. The suspension material is stretched from the Y-Tower at the back of the chair just as cables are stretched from the towers of a suspension bridge. The tension is greater in the transition areas, from the thoracic to the lumbar areas and between the lumbar area and sacrum. "Hinge points" allow these areas to flex and support the healthy, forward rotation of the pelvis. At the same time, less tension in other parts of the back encourages a full range of seated movement.

    Yves Béhar was aksed by Herman Miller to design a highly affordable chair that would incorporate everything Herman Miller is known for—beautiful design, first-class ergonomics, elegant engineering, and respect for the environment. Béhar, who calls San Francisco home, began by looking at designs that deliver the most with the least. And then he took a look at his city's best-known landmark: the Golden Gate Bridge.

    In creating SAYL, we used fewer materials in inventive ways to make the chair attainable for more people. Fewer parts and less material ultimately mean less cost and a smaller carbon footprint.

    As affordable as it is inventive, SAYL disproves the notion that a reasonably priced chair means offhand design and minimal ergonomics. From the beginning, Herman Millers goal was to make a high-quality, beautifully designed, comfortable chair that lived up to their standards and was also affordable. SAYL is that chair.

    Sayl is 93% recyclable and features a 12 year warranty.. GreenTag Certified