O2 Chair

O2 Chair - The Worlds First Breathing Chair.

The unique all in one patented "Breathing Concept” in the O2 chair guides you through a series of breathing exercise that bring amazing benefits to your mind and body.

"I have been using the O2CHAIR to relax and recharge for a couple of weeks already. A perfect way to support and promote optimal breathing. I love it, and I think you will too !"

Tony Robbins World’s #1 Personal Development Trainer

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  • TThere are many breathing techniques available to help us relax, perform better, sleep better, and also concentrate better. But how do we control the techniques so that our breathing exercises are done 100% correctly? This is what our O2 CHAIR’s unique and patented technology brings to the breathing industry - a scientific breathing exercise movement which is 100% accurate.

    The O2 CHAIR takes the user through a series of programmed breathing exercises accompanied with the oxygen concentrator that increases your energy and productivity whilst leaving you calm and relaxed.

    The O2 CHAIR helps to educate us on how to benefit from effective breathing and brings us the physical & psychological benefits we can all benefit enormously from.

    The O2 CHAIR active system provides programmable rhythmic paraspinal thrusts. The rhythmic thrusts and pressure are adjustable depending on the progression of exercise.

    The user is always in a sitting position promoting good hemodynamics, with no effort to the heart and with evenly distributed support.

    The ventilatory cycle initially starts in the phylogical respiratory mechanics area - from L3 (lumbar vertebrae) to T10 (thoracic vertebrae).

    The perfect respiratory movement
    Integrated electronic tablet to the O2CHAIR allows for complete and easy control of your breathing exercises. Controls are:
    - Type of breathing exercise
    - Length of exercise
    - Zero gravity
    - Leg rest
    - Swing
    - Oxygen concentrator
    - Heated back
    - Sound level
    -Voice (gender)

    Key Features of the O2 Chair:

    Soothing Heat - For complete relaxation

    O2Pure - Air purifier oxygen concentrator

    Sound&Voice - Guided breathing exercises

    Patented Technology - customising breathing exercises

    Application - Control Center

    Zero Gravity Experience - Biomechanism created by N.A.S.A

    Absolute Comfort - Anatomically-shaped foam, ergonomic lines

    O2 Swing - synchronized with your breathing

    Did you know that …

    • 80% of people use only 30% of their total lung capacity, thus using only a fraction of their life energy.

    • 70% of the toxins and waste in the body are removed through the breath.

    • Oxygen is the most important source for feeding your cells.

    • By actively breathing, dopamine is released into the body, the happiness hormone that provides pleasure , well-being and happiness.

    You feel both mentally and physically better

    O2 Chair Benefits:

    - Increases physical energy
    - Reduces blood pressure and heart rate
    - Reduces lactic acid in muscles and blood
    - Balances O2 and CO2 levels in the blood
    - Strengthens the immune system
    - Enhances creativity and learning ability
    - Leads to physical relaxation
    - Relieves anxiety Improves blood circulation

    O2CHAIR enables full understanding and control of the respiratory system.
    When the user breathes in, the back of the chair gently moves thanks to a unique patented design. Shoulders, shoulder blades and rib cage expand while the head slowly swings backward. This expansion increases the amount of air inhaled thus increasing the oxygen supply to all body organs.
    When the user breathes out, the back of the user lightly sinks into the chair and a feeling of relaxation occurs. This progressive support during the exhalation phase allows a better release of CO increasing the feeling of peace and relaxation.

    Power Nap
    O2CHAIR is the only technology providing effective Power Napping due to our unique combination of: zero gravity, nap breathing exercise*, synchronized swinging movement, oxygen concentrator, optional heating, soothing sound/instruction and wake up. With O2CHAIR everyone is napping in a few minutes. GUARANTEED! Decrease your office stress while increasing your overall well-being and productivity!