Neo-Flex Dual Lift Stand

The Neo-Flex Duel Stand is an affordable, height-adjustable dual-monitor stand for maximum productivity and comfort.

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  • Affordable, height-adjustable dual-monitor stand for maximum productivity and comfort.

    Save time by using multiple applications at once—eliminate toggling back and forth between documents and programs. Simultaneously lift LCD screens to proper height for unsurpassed ergonomic comfort.

    Affordable productivity gains. Check out our Multi-Display Payback Calculator—determine the cost benefit associated with adding a second display

    Position LCD screens for maximum ergonomic comfort—promotes wellness in any work area

    Open and view multiple applications and documents, eliminating the need to toggle between applications

    Its small footprint frees up your desktop to increase workspace, making the addition of a second display an easy fit

    Integrated base rollers enable 360° pan rotation of the stand so you can share your views with others

    Easily turn one or both screens from landscape mode to portrait mode. Take advantage of widescreen displays and view entire pages without scrolling

    Embedded with patented motion technology, this stand enables light-touch adjustments without any knobs or levers

    Five-inch (12.7 cm) height adjustment ergonomically accommodates average range of user