Inapod C Pod

Simplicity in Design – Introducing our new Office Pods. Creating an ideal working environment.  

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  • The C POD is a great functional working space designed to seat up to 2 people comfortably or 3 people for a group discussion. It is ideal for coworking tasks like small discussions, interviews, brainstorming, phone calls and video conferences: all this with minimal distractions.

    The C POD comes with a laminated worktop/desk and is a comfortable and well ventilated space with great acoustic properties, resulting in increased employee efficiency and productivity. With its glass walls all around to allow daylight into the booth, it creates a great and cosy working environment.

    The C POD is a space designed for maximum capacity, connectivity and efficiency. C POD is a comfortable and well ventilated space with great acoustic properties, resulting in increased employee efficiency and productivity

    Key Features:
    - High Acoustic Rating: Beautifully designed and using carefully selected materials with the best absorption and isolation performance. TUV-32dB/NIC
    Energy Efficient: The Motion Sensor detects movement and turn on the fans and lights automatically the making the unit extremely energy efficient. 
    Retractable and Portable: It is designed to be easily dismantled, moved and re-installed. Integrated ball bearings allows for ease of movement when required. This is allows flexibility in workspace
    - Power and Connectivity: Simple A/C plug connection to a standard wall socket is all that is required.
    - Warranty: 5 Year warranty for body parts, external mechanism, except negligence during or after installation. 2 Year warranty on electrical components. 
    - Fire Rating: Includes the acoustic board, carpet and polyester foam which is fire rated. 
    - Power & USB Charging Outlets: Continuous power supply for your gadgets and direct connection to your office network. 
    - Working Table: Laminated Worktop in the centre of the pod measuring 700mm x 550mm
    - Ventilation Access: 4 Ventilation fans ensuring you are able to work in well ventilated space with great acoustic properties. Effective air circulation and comfortable seating allows for an comfortable working experience