HAG Capisco Chair

The HAG Range - Ideal for those who like a bit of variation & movement throughout the working day. 


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  • HÅG Capisco is inspired by the horseman's saddle and sitting posture.

    No one sits as actively as a rider in the saddle. When you work sitting on a HÅG Capisco, you'll be inspired to greater freedom of movement, variation and new natural sitting positions.HÅG Capisco allows you to sit as high or as low as you want. No other work chair is so well adapted to work stations of different heights.

    Its award winning design fits into creative meeting rooms and any other place where you want to work and move in a different way.

    The saddle seat can be adjusted between low and high working positions, all the way up to a standing position, enabling you to be more dynamic in your movements while still sitting in a balanced position. Seat depth and backrest height can be adjusted. Tilt resistance is adjustable and lockable.

    Available in 2 styles: 8106 without headrest and 8107 with headrest. Longer gas lift are available for use with height adjustable desks.

    Key Features;

    - Upholstered in Extreme Fabric by Camira as standard. Xtreme Plus Fabri is !00% recycled polyester . Various other fabric ranges are available, please contact us for more information.

    - Available in 2 styles: with headrest (8107), without headrest (8106).

    - Backwards tilt

    - Lockable seat

    - Suitable for all working surfaces with table height from 73.6cm and higher.

    - Seat height adjustment, Seat depth adjustment and Back height adjustment.

    - Independent backwards tilt resistance adjustment .

    - BalancedMovementMechanism™ allows for maximum freedom of movement (forward/backward tilt range of 12º)

    - Includes as standard a 200 mm gas cylinder - perfect for use with standard or height adjustable desks (extends to a semi-standing height)

    - Footbase is available in black plastic, black, silver or polished aluminum with curved/arched footplates.

    - Optional HÅG St epUp® provides an optional two extra levels for placing your feet

    - Optional HÅG Foot Ring  provides an optional extra level for rest and support for feet


    - Seat Pan (width x depth): 490 x 370-460 mm

    - Maximum Weight: 120 kg capacity

    - Gas Cylinder / Lift: 200 mm Gas Cylinder

    - Seat Pan Height: 485 - 600 mm range

    - Back Height: 440 mm

    - Foremost Support Point on Backrest: 170 - 260 mm height range

    - Chair Tilt: 12º range


    HÅG guarantees products against all defects and manufacturing faults for a period of 10 years from date of production, excluding fabrics and leather which have a five year warranty. The guarantee does not include any deterioration from 'fair, wear & tear'. Lifetime guarantee on gas lifts.

    Environmentally Friendly:

    The seat of the HAG Capisco saddle chair is made from recycled bumpers and plastic packaging from household waste.

    Global warming: 36Kgs C0²
    Energy consumption: 747MJ
    Amount of recycled materials: 43%
    Share of recyclable materials: 95%