Go Anywhere Laptop Stand

The Go Anywhere Laptop Stand is easy to use, Easy to carry and Easy to assemble.

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  • Easy To Use
    Easy to Carry
    Easy To Assemble

    Universal - Fits all Laptops

    Works on any flat surface

    Natural Airflow - Cools Laptops, reduces hibernation & increases battery life

    Assembles in seconds to form a sturdy & stable platform holding your laptop securely in place

    Locks Together to Store Easily in the Side Pocket of a Briefcase - the 3 pieces dovetail into one flat unit for storage and transport (see illustration below)

    Eco-Friendly Product Made in the USA from 99% Recycled Material

    Dimensions Stored: 320mm L x 13mm W x 85mm H
    Riser: 320mm L x 13mm W x 85mm H
    Crosspiece: 267mm L x 13mm W x 25mm H

    Colour: Black