Future Human Office™ - Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy


The Future Human Office – Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy is focused on helping organisations bring health and wellbeing to the forefront of their interior fitouts and workplace experience.

Today’s working environments are a significant departure from the offices of only a few years ago with both environmental and more recently human sustainability driving architecture, design, employee engagement and productivity.

The future of work requires a deeper understanding of how next generation work environments address employee health and wellness, shifting demographics, worker mobility, use of technology, and ultimately how employees and organisations can benefit from advancements in the understanding of the way we work and our relationship with our workspaces.

Our consultancy team will help you navigate the myriad of workplace wellness strategies and deliver a clear map to allow your organisation to effectively deliver working environments built around employee health, wellbeing and performance. 

What We Consult On:

  • Workplace Wellbeing Product & Program Integration
  • Pre & Post Occupancy - User Experience Surveys
  • Employee Engagement & Change Management
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Analysis
  • Activation Of Agile Working Environments
  • Workplace Gap & Feasibility Analysis
  • Ergonomics In The Workplace
  • Wellness Technology Integration

To learn more about the Future Human Office – Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy call 1300 748 348 or contact us through Live Chat.