Future Human Office™ - Well-Being Meetings


Meetings in the workplace should be about creativity, passion, sharp thinking and satisfaction in solving issues and actualizing opportunities. 

Yet the majority of meeting rooms seemed to be designed for just the opposite. Employees sit slumped in uncomfortable chairs, under poor lighting, breathing in stale air, not standing or moving for sometimes hours on end, often feeling stressed, tired and lacking energy.

It shouldn’t be this way – and now it doesn’t need to be this way!

Introducing Future Human Office – Well-Being Meetings – a carefully selected range of workplace health and wellbeing products and programs that literally breathe life into your meetings and leave employees feeling healthy, happy and productive.   

These ranges include:

  • Sit Stand Boardroom Table For Activity Based Meetings
  • Ergonomic Chairs For Comfort & Support
  • Circadian Lighting For Energising Participants
  • Acoustic Elements To Reduce Noise
  • Air Purification For Greater Cognitive Functioning
  • Biophilia For Better Air Quality 
  • Virtual Biophilia For Stress Relief
  • Hydration Station For Optimal Body & Mind Functionality
  • Virtual Fitness Program For Creating Activity Based Meetings
  • Healthy Snacks For Energy & Health
  • Healthy Meetings Guide To Help Create The Ultimate Meeting Experience

So if you are looking to shift how your organisation conducts meetings then talk to us about this unique platform on 1300 748 348 or contact us through Live Chat.