Fern Chair

Fern works with you, not against you so you can sit better, work better and feel better in today’s changing workspace. 

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  • The Fern task chair feels alive and in tune with your every movement. Grounded in extensive science-based ergonomic research, Fern’s unique and innovative design focuses on the person and the holistic experience of sitting. The result is a groundbreaking sitting experience that is distinctively responsive to each individual. Fern works with you, not against you so you can sit better, work better and feel better in today’s changing workspace.

    Please note this currently has a 12 week lead time

    Ergonomic Features:

    • The Fern seat back supports a comfortable and healthy upright torso angle of approximately 100° and allows for recline up to approximately 125°. A seat pan forward tilt feature offers an addition 7° of adjustability. Opening the hip angle minimizes pressure on the lower spine. The feature is also beneficial for users that may like to sit higher as it allows them to maintain their feet on the floor.
    • The adjustable recline promotes healthy motion and accommodates users throughout the range of common working postures. The multi‐position back stop also enables users to recline only to the point they prefer.
    • The flexible frame on the seat back provides dynamic back support flexing with the user’s movements providing support in upright, reclined and leaning postures. The mesh material provides comfortable support and ventilation.
    • The height adjustable lumbar support provides effective fit for users of varying size
    • The adjustable armrests provide stable and comfortable support throughout a wide range of adjustment. They can be raised and lowered, pivoted in and out, or, moved forward or backward accommodating a wide range of users sizes and body types. They can also be positioned out of the way to prevent clashing with a user’s work surface if desired.
    • The adjustable seat pan depth accommodates a wide range of users, improving the support provided to larger users and preventing smaller users from experiencing compression in the back of their knees.
    • The high seat back provides greater back support accommodating taller users.
    • The chair’s controls are well designed, clearly visible, intuitive, and easy to operate


    • 12.7cm pneumatic seat-height adjustment (41.91cm to 54.61cm)
    • Adjustable tilt-tension
    • 11 mesh colors, 3 trim colours
    • Plastic base (black or fog) or 4 Aluminium Colours Synchronized tilt mechanism, 7.62cm Seat-depth adjustment, Multiple position back stop and Forward tilt
    • Is available without arms or height adjustable arms only.
    • 12 year 24/7 use warranty
    • 10.16cm Height-adjustable lumbar support