Ergoapt Perching Table Stand

The Ergoapt Perching Tablet Stand provides two settings options. The Typing setting for direct interaction with the tablet and the Viewing setting as a height and angle adjustable stand.

Regular Price: $77.00

Sale Price $73.15

  • Description
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  • The 5 angle adjustments allow for the preferred height and angle to be created for individual users, positioning the tablet in a better and more comfortable viewing position.
    Typing setting
    In this configuration, the Ergoapt Perching Tablet Stand offers the user the unique ergonomic and comfort benefits of a built in palm and wrist support, whilst also lifting the screen to an improved viewing height and an angle of 22 degrees.
    Viewing setting
    With a choice of two height settings and 5 angle settings, in this configuration, the Ergoapt Perch Tablet Stand offers the benefit of raising the screen height for use with an external keyboard, video conferencing or viewing videos/documents.