Think about how much of the day you spend sitting down. Between your commute to and from work, your time at work, and then relaxing on the couch in the evening, your butt is planted more than you might guess.

There's nothing wrong with sitting down for short periods of time when you really need to get work done or just unwind. But, there are benefits in breaking up how long you sit for a certain period of time. Try standing up more often while you work and moving around a little more, too.

This offers a profound amount of value in your work, your health, and overall quality of life. Not sure how a little more standing can do so much?

Here's a list of everything that combining standing and sitting at work can do.

1. Stimulate the Mind

It's pretty hard to maintain the same level of focus throughout an entire day's work. That's why it's nice to change the way you work from time to time.

Standing for parts of the day keeps the mind stimulated. It prevents you from getting bored or slowing down your thought process, which sitting for too long can cause.

When you stand for some of the day, though, you can turn the whole day around. Standing keeps your mind focused. It helps you boost productivity levels little by little until you start getting much more accomplished than sitting all day would let you do.

2. Produce Better Results

Productivity isn't just a matter of how fast you can get a certain amount of work done. It's also about getting things right the first time and going above and beyond expectations whenever you can.

The more you stand, the more you're able to push your limits.

Your increased level of focus turns into better creative thinking and problem-solving abilities down the line. Standing throughout the day doesn't just change the way you think, it shifts how your thought process creates powerful results.

3. Improve Overall Energy Levels

The mind and body are not exclusive. The focus and stimulation of the mind go hand in hand with how energetic the body as a whole feels. Thankfully, standing more during the workday creates benefits for the body, too.

It's nice to stretch the legs from time to time. Most people with traditional work setups do this by walking around the office or lingering in the break room for a bit. But, this gets in the way of their productivity.

Standing at your desk, on the other hand, solves two problems with one amazing solution. It gives your body the stimulation it needs to maintain a certain level of energy without you having to walk away from your desk. The result? The ability to feel better and work harder.

4. Ease Pressure on the Lower Back

Another downside of sitting from 9 A.M. all the way to 5 P.M. is the buildup of pressure on the back. This is no joke. Sitting for so much of the day every single day adds up.

It creates serious consequences like chronic back pain and difficulty moving in certain ways. This can result in irritability, laziness, and even depression.

No one wants to struggle with such issues especially when they love the work they do. Thankfully, all you have to do is stand more often during the workday to maintain (and improve!) your quality of life.

5. Encourage Movement

While you're standing, you may as well do a few stretches. There are may simple, non-disruptive movements you can do while standing in place to further ease your back pain. These also help loosen any stiffness in the legs and shoulders, which are additional consequences of sitting for too long.

A few great stretches you can do at your desk are:

  • bringing each knee into your chest
  • crossing the ankle of one leg over the knee of the other and bending forward
  • reaching the arms up and behind the head
  • bending one arm at a time behind the head

Other feel-good movements include twisting the back from side to side, bending backward slightly, or bending over to release tension in the neck. You might even want to stand in a slight lunge to give the hips a bit of a release.

Be aware of your surroundings and your outfit that day as you do all your stretches. This will maintain your professionalism and minimize any disruption for those around you while improving how you feel.

6. Burn a Few Calories

Just 5 minutes of stretching a day can help you burn more calories throughout the week. Even if you don't stretch at all but you do start standing at your desk, you'll be burning more calories.

This is something everyone can enjoy. It doesn't matter what your physique is or the kind of active lifestyle you live outside of work. Bringing more activity into the workplace keeps the body functioning at it's absolute best, and burning calories is part of that.

7. Break Traditional Office Barriers

Here's one more interesting result of using a standing desk: changing office norms. Traditional offices all look the same. They have cubicles with walls that separate their employees.

However, more and more workspaces are moving away from that. The age of open workspaces is here. If your office isn't yet on board, your new standing desk can start to create this change.

When you stand, it's easier to collaborate with the people immediately around you and to get to know those who sit a little further away, too. It's a nice way to improve not just your workday, but the flow of activities for the entire office.

8. Boost Innovation

One small change can ignite a fire. This goes for you and for your coworkers, too.

Maybe you start thinking about ergonomics at work by standing more often, then you end up changing your lighting and monitors as well. Maybe you notice opportunities to challenge your balance while you stand, which further helps burn calories and stimulate the mind and body.

The other side of innovation, though, is how creative processes change. When everyone starts to stand more or to at least challenge the traditional office setup, the cogs start to turn for other improvements. This may apply to business processes across departments or to work life improvements at the individual level.

Either way, innovation is at work - and all it takes is one new initiative to transform an entire office.

9. Make Your Job Work for You

At the end of the day, the quality of your work life is what standing at your desk really comes down to. There's no reason you should feel uncomfortable at work.

This challenges your thought process, your collaboration, and your overall mood. Not in a good way, either. Over time, a negative work experience bleeds into other aspects of your life and it makes you lose the passion you once had for the role you do.

Standing more often can turn all of this around.

A standing desk can show you the difference between working hard and pushing yourself too hard. It provides a space for your body to relax, for your mind to process the work you're doing much better, and for the results you create to be more effective, too.

Make Sitting at Work Much More Comfortable

It's one thing to read about how the combination of standing and sitting at work can change your life, and another to realize the difference for yourself.

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