If you're wondering why your employees' productivity seems low, the problem might not be the people you hired - it might be their workspace.

A recent study linked the physical workspace to the level of satisfaction and productivity. This means that designing an office doesn't only involve the location of desks, chairs, and other furniture anymore. It should now also involve planning on how to optimize your office for maximum productivity.

Then, what steps can you take to create the ideal workplace? Follow the tips below and watch your employees work more effectively than before.

1. Reconsider Using Open Floor Plans

We understand that open floor plans are the trend nowadays, but it's not appropriate for every office. Instead of increasing productivity, it might even lead to more distractions.

The research firm IPSOS conducted a survey and found that employees lose an average of 86 minutes a day with an open floor plan. This is mainly because of the lack of privacy and the abundance of distractions.

We get that these spaces promote collaboration, but most of the time, all that an employee needs to perform effectively is a quiet and private space.

2. Use Colors to Your Advantage

Adding a splash of color to a depressing stark white office will do wonders for your employees' health, productivity, and morale.

Incorporate the colors of your company in the workspace design, or use colors based on color psychology. Blue and green, for example, are soothing to the eyes. Yellow incites creativity, while red can motivate people physically.

3. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Humans instinctively seek a connection with nature. At the least, that's what the Biophilia hypothesis suggests.

Still, there's no denying that a plant in the office is a refreshing sight. Plants make people feel more at ease around them, which is good for the mental and emotional state of your employees.

When they're at a good place, both mentally and emotionally, they can give their best to their tasks.

4. Provide Adequate Lighting

In line with the tip above, make sure your office gets as much sunlight as it needs. Natural lighting affects the body's sleep schedule, helping your employees sleep better at night.

This, in turn, helps them to perform at their best when they come in every work day. Sunlight also helps improve memory, increase alertness, and boost other mental functions.

If having access to sunlight is not possible, take extra steps to mimic natural lighting. During the day, the sunlight changes from high-temperature to low-temperature. You can install lighting that mimics that rhythm if you want an optimal workspace for your employees.

5. Provide Ergonomic Furniture

Office workers who sit at their desks and use computers develop the same problems due to the nature of their work. Over time, their productivity decreases until they address the causes. However, it's not always possible for them to solve the problems themselves as they'll have to use their own money for that.

Why not solve these problems for your employees instead? It's your responsibility to care for the people working hard for you anyway.

Use ergonomic furniture in your office, such as adjustable desks. You also have options for ergonomic equipment and accessories, like a mouse, keyboard, and such.

Doing this, your employees will be more comfortable, preventing health complications.

6. Allot Lots of Space for Movement

In an office setting, it's not uncommon to sit for hours at a time. Although a standing desk will surely help, having your employees take even short walks throughout the day will lead to even better results. Create opportunities for movement, such as moving the copy machine to another room.

You won't have to worry about your employees having less time to work on their task. Productivity does not correlate to the time spent. The little breaks they take as they walk are good for recalibrating.

7. Make Sure You Have Enough Storage Space

Sometimes, the problem is not with the layout of the office but with the clutter. When the files and equipment have nowhere else to go, they tend to crowd the desk or a corner of the room.

When you see your storage space running low, discard unneeded files and equipment or buy more storage systems. This will reduce the clutter, clear your employee's line of sight, and clear their minds.

8. Reduce the Noise Factor

Printers, chairs, keyboards, drawers - all these and more make noise. They're inevitable in every office, but they can be distracting to some people.

There are steps you can take to minimize the noise, such as replacing your flooring with carpet or vinyl. You may also choose furniture and equipment that have noise reduction features, and consider moving the storage area to another room to allow employees to rummage through the files as they need to.

9. Offer Different Work Environments

You'll have to accept that not every one of your employees will find their workstation to be optimal even if you've followed every tip in the book. That's just how it is - everyone has their own conditions in which they thrive best.

The best you could do is to provide different environments for them.

Do they like collaborating? Have enough meeting rooms where different teams can work together.

Do they work better on a sofa with a laptop? Many offices are now exploring this feature that gives an employee a choice on where they want to work.

Are they meeting a client? Allot a safe space where both your employees and the client can feel at ease.

10. Remember that Your Ideal Workplace Isn't for Everyone

More importantly, don't simply push your beliefs on what the best office design is on your employees. Some of these tips might not work for several reasons: it's not appropriate for the culture of your company, it doesn't suit your team's personality, and so on.

To be able to form a better solution, ask your employees for input. You'll get the most helpful tips from them.

Is It Time for an Office Makeover?

If you have the budget and you want your employees to have an ideal workplace, go for it! Even changing one workspace design at a time will transform the feel of your office, boosting your employees' productivity and morale.

For any of your workspace needs, we're here for you. Contact us now and let us provide you with the best workplace solutions with our wide selection of tables, chairs, and more.