BeConn Meeting Table

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The BeConn Meeting Table is a beautifully designed, sleek meeting table, ideal for collaborative working. 

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  • BeConn is designed to connect people, thoughts and ideas so they can collaborate and communicate more quickly, easily, and effectively.  BeConn is ideal for people who are aware of the importance of collaboration and are looking for a space where they can share and communicate digital content effectively.

    The BeConn series creates a centre for collaboration using a variety of styles to fit even the smallest workspace. This series promotes more effective collaboration through connecting together IT devices such as a display monitor, utilising a neat wiring system. 

    BeConn is a compact, simple and sleek table with an optional stand that allows you to use a shared monitor, and various accessories to help you collaborate. All of these items are available in a variety of colours and materials to suit your taste and space.

    BeConn is available in a multitude of finishes, shapes and sizes with straight edge or tapered edge worktops.

    Key Features;

    - Vertical Wire Management: Ideal for neatly storing wires.

    -  Unique D Shape Top option: The D-shaped conference table allows you to share the screen while maintaining a comfortable viewing angle.

    - Various storage options: Drawers can be used for storage.

    Collaboration Solutions - clickshare: The notebook or tablet (smartphone) screen can be wirelessly transmitted to the monitor. (Up to 8 lines possible)

    - PowerBox: Double-sided opening and closing duct cover.

    - Mountable Monitor/TV Holder: The monitor can be installed directly on the table to save space.

    - *Available indent made to order – 8 weeks lead time

    Collaborative options & planning;

    - 4 people or less - Small collaborative spaces for close collaboration 

    - 6~8 People - Most popular medium-sized collaboration space

    - 10 People or more - Formal meeting room or free collaborative space -