Arrow Tablet Stand

A multi-functional tablet stand that is thin, light and portable 

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  • Anyone using a tablet computer will be familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of not having any support for the hands or wrists whilst typing, or having the screen too low whilst viewing the screen. The Arrow addresses both these issues. 

    The Arrow provides two settings options, the Typing setting for direct interaction with the tablet, and the Viewing setting as a height and angle adjustable stand.

    Typing setting:
    In this configuration, the Arrow stand offers the user the unique ergonomic and comfort benefits of a built in palm and wrist support, whilst also lifting the screen to an improved viewing height and an angle of 22 degrees.
    Viewing setting:
    With a choice of two height settings and 5 angle settings, in this configuration, the Arrow stand offers the benefit of raising the screen height for use with an external keyboard, video conferencing or viewing videos/documents. The two height settings also offer the additional benefit of keeping two mobile devices inline

    Key Features 

    • Folds flat to a height of 7mm for ease of storage and transportation
    • Suitable for a range of different tablets that are up to 13mm thickness
    • Light weight at just 207grams
    • Supports tablets in portrait or landscape mode
    • All ports and sockets are accessible whilst the tablet is supported in the stand
    • When in the Typing setting, the palm support is angled at 22°
    • When in the Height setting there are two height options, Upper and Lower
    • When in the Upper Height setting there are five angle settings 54°, 62°, 66°, 69° and 73°
    • When in the Lower Height setting there are five angle settings 56°, 65°, 68°, 72° and 75°