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  • Fellowes Ergonomic Footrest
    • Dual-position Height adjustment
    • Massage the soles of your feet with its textured surface

  • Fellowes Professional Series Steel Foot Support
    • Elevates feet and legs to relieve lower back pressure
    • Simple height adjustment provides 3 platform heights 105mm-135mm
    • Steel structure and platform provides sturdy support
    • No fixed angle enabling rocking motion to improve circulation
    • Non-slip platform surface
  • Kensington Ergonomic Footrest
    • 450mm x 300mm platform
    • Height and angle adjustable
    • Adjustable from 0º to 36º
    • Adjustable without moving from your chair
    • Independent height and slope adjustments
    • Height 25cm
    • Strong steel construction with Memory Foam top
  • Fluteline Small Footrest
    • Suitable for users with small desks or for users who do not frequently use a computer
    • Metal frame with ribbed commercial grade Decor carpet tiles on tread surfaces
    • Adjustable height range: 70mm-185mm
    • Board Size - 450mm x 260mm
  • Score Footrest
    • Height Adjustment from 95mm - 370mm
    • Free angle movement 0-20 degrees
    • Non skid board
  • Steppie Balance Board
    • Helps improve circulation, balance and posture
    • Strengthens core musculature as well as foot, ankle, knee and hip joints
    • Can increase standing stamina
    • Super easy to move into place or slide out of the way
    • Burn energy whilst reducing muscle tension


  • Fellowes Footrest
    • Tilt Adjusts 30 degrees forward or back
    • Height adjustable to 105, 125 and 145mm
    • Locking mechanism to hold footrest in position, or allows you to move freely
    • Adjusts using only foot pressure - No bending down

  • fellowes foot rocker
    • Rocking motion to improve ciculation and reduce fatigue
    • Flop product over to adjust height
    • Tread design to hold rocker in place while in use

  • Fellowes Climate Control Footrest
    • Versatile as a footrest or offers free-standing climate control
    • 3 Temperature settings: Cool fan, low heat and high heat Auto-off after 8 hours
    • Surface massage bumps
    • Economical - requires only 250 watts to run.

  • Ergostretch Footrest
    • Padded leg support to encourage stretching
    • Platform can be set at 3 different heights
    • Tiltable to 50 degrees each way

  • 3M Adjustable Non Slip Metal Footrest
    • Wide 558mm Platform
    • Angle Adjustment using foot pressure
    • Heavy-duty steel base
    • Contoured, non-skid plastic platform.

  • Fluteline  Curved Footrest
    • Curved to follow the radius of your chair, allowing you to move from computer to the side without removing your feet. 
    • Adjustable height range: 70mm-180mm

  • Fundamentals Footrest
    • Height adjustable by adding or removing spacer blocks
    • Aditional spacer blocks available for extra height
    • Anti-Static carpet covering

  • Z Rest Footrest
    • Adjustable to 36 degrees from seated position
    • Independent height and slope adjustments
    • Non-slip surface

  • Z Rest Draughting
    • Higher Footrest for use with Draughting chairs
    • Adjustable to 36 degrees from seated position
    • Independent height and slope adjustments
    • Non-slip surface

  • Humanscale footrest
    • Curved legs to encourage rocking motion
    • Rubber, non-skid grips to keep feet in place and protect hard flooring
    • 99% Recyclable

  • Kensington Solemate Plus Footrest
    • Non-slip service
    • Adjustable with feet
    • Lockable in position
    • 6 Different height adjustments (max height 125mm)

  • Kinesis Savant Elite Triple Action Foot Switch
    • Includes 3 programable foot switches to activate mouse clicks, andy programed key actions or macros
    • Heavy steel base to prevent movement or slipping on the floor
    • External status LEDs
    • Outer 2 pedals are adjustable

  • Hi-Rise Heavy Duty Footrest
    • Solid, Heavy duty platform
    • Height and Angle Adjustable
    • 12 Height Levels
    • Easily adjusted using feet

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Here at SBR we think footrests are given far too little credit. They are one of the most important Ergonomic accessories and yet are so often overlooked when setting up ergonomic workstations.

You need an ergonomic footrest if:

Your feet dangle.

Feet should always be supported. Dangling feet causes poor ciculation, and puts pressure on the backs of your legs.


You suffer from poor ciculation.

Rocking footrests, or footrests with massaging surfaces encourage regular, slight movements to get blood flowing and prevent problems such as blood clots.


You don't move around enough.

You should be moving around more, however that is often harder than in sounds. Footrests will keep your lower back and legs supported better and circulation going to get you through those long periods of sitting a little easier.


Our full range of ergonomic  footrests are available for fast delivery Australia wide, with a low price guarantee. For help in choosing the best ergonomic footrest for your specific needs, chat to a customer service representative live via the online chat at the top of the page.

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